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Prayer Warrior

Rev Victoria Thomas


Agape University; 10-Week Course; FALL 2017

Tuesday Evenings 7PM–10PM

October 3rd, 2017— December 12th, 2017


 Spirit of Creativity Room

If you ever wondered how to pray effectively so that results of your prayers are demonstrative and palpable, this class is for you!  It is a 10-week class that teaches students the extraordinary technology of Affirmative Prayer, a method of praying that affirms the spiritual principle that Life is indeed for you; that you are connected to all of Life, and that we live in a holographic universe.   We begin with an exploration of the God Principle, creating a solid foundation of your relationship to God, not as an anthropomorphic God, but a Mighty Power and a Mighty Presence!   Throughout the weeks of the class we will uncover hidden beliefs and beliefs based upon false premises.  The class will assist you in transmuting and transforming any mis-qualified belief systems, thought patterns, perceptions and habits of emotion that block and mask the highest Good for your life. The format of the class is a dynamic laboratory of love, providing you with a supportive learning environment where you awaken to a greater awareness of your Oneness with the Presence of God and all of life. 

Recommended Books: None             

Prerequisites: None



Agape International Spiritual Center—5700 Buckingham Pkwy, Culver City, CA. 90230—310-348-1250

Registration Department— 310-348-1260 Ext. 1611—

Please note, if choosing the payment plan option:

Payment Plan for 10 week Course:
There is a $25 Fee for the payment plan option.
Payment #1 - Deposit = 1/3 of class price + $25 fee
Payment #2 - Remaining balance due by 5th week of the class - must be paid in full