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We have 2 (TWO) Brand New Classes offered this Spring

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(TS049) Energy Medicine (5-Week Course)

Mystical Practices for Divine Healing and Intuitive Development

Faculty: Rev. Keith Horwitz

Course Description: Throughout the ages Mystics from every culture and religion, have all shared a common practice:  Communion (an intimate awareness) with the higher self, with the Divine Creator, for wisdom, wellness and empowerment.  They were all lead to the sacred inner sanctuary and given the tools, road-maps and knowledge of how the Universal energy works.  One of the most powerful tools discovered by the Mystics was that of subtle energies, and what today is being called Divine Energy Medicine.  The practice and science of Energy Medicine goes far beyond healing the physical body, it is one of the gateways to living a life of Success, Love, Prosperity, Wellness, Harmony & Joy!

Over the 5 weeks we will:

  • Review the subtle energy bodies of the Chakras, Aura, Cellular memory, Karmic/past life energy and 12-strand DNA
  • Explore the Divine science and language behind “Energetic Imprints” and reading energy.  
  • Work with and understand how to clear restrictive energies from our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies.
  • Experience the wisdom of the Human Energy Field w/ weekly energy experiential processes
  • Connect with, and cultivate our abilities to understand our own natural intuitive gifts
  • Work specifically with the energy of the 8th Chakra (Soul's purpose) and the energy of blessings

Evenings: Tuesdays 7pm-10pm

First class: Mar 26, Last class: Apr 23; Location: Spirit of Wisdom

Course Appreciation Price: $200 Early Bird Price, $235 Day of Class Price

Prerequisites: None

Required Reading: None

(TS051) Spiritual Screenwriting: A New Paradigm (5-Week Course)

Faculty: Roxanne J. Reaver

Course Description: Are you one of the writers currently rising in the mists of the emerging New Paradigm? Do you long to tell stories with spiritual integrity and deep Truth? Are you tired of the stories that Hollywood keeps repeating?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then join us for Agape’s NEW SPIRITUAL SCREENWRITING CLASS!

Learn how to tune out the distractions while tuning into the limitless abundance of stories that already exist in the mind of God. This class will enable you to bring New Thought/Ageless Wisdom tools to your creative process and to allow the Divine to use you as the Spirit’s Quill. The stories you seek to write are already seeking you!
Evenings: Mondays 7pm-10pm

First class: Mar 25, Last class: Apr 22; Location: Spirit of Abundance

Course Appreciation Price: $200 Early Bird Price, $235 Day of Class Price

Prerequisites: None

Required Reading: None