I AM Woman Ministry

The Women’s Ministry of Agape International Spiritual Center I Am Woman is focused upon teaching women to remember
who we are innately because once a woman embraces the true essence and intention of her womanhood and embodies her
wholeness, she then encourages love, joy, beauty and empowerment in everyone around her because she lives as the example
of it. Our intention is to extend our support beyond the Agape community to women throughout our global community.

The mission of I Am Woman is to assist women in recognizing that our innate, intuitive nature and genetic makeup are needed
in the world. Woman living from her true essence will uplift her personal life, therefore, our society benefits because Woman matters.
A woman in balanced love with herself has the power to heal a nation!

Celebrating You, Woman! Ministry Director, Francesca James, ALSP along with her vision/planning team comes together
each month with you to let go of the doingness of our lives and immerse into the beingness of our unique nature as Woman.
Our wholeness is needed by our individualized selves and by our planet.

Francesca James, ALSP, Ministry Director

Monthly Celebration of Woman

The 2nd Saturday of each month through November 9, 2013

Agape Room 2     2:00pm - 4:00pm  

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