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 Would you like to travel to BRAZIL

with Rev. Cheryl Ward and Akili Beckwith??!!

If the answer is YES, join us for our


We will also be having a

Special Teleconference Call

just for you!

Saturday April 20th at NOON PDT

Conference Call In Number: 218-632-1753

PIN: 222718#

                Agape Goes to BRAZIL - July 11th thru 26th, 2013                                                                                           



REVITALIZE your spirit in the mesmerizing culture of Salvador de Bahia

Where the African influence of slaves remains today in the people, their music, their cuisine, their customs, their dances.  Explore the mysteries of the CondomblÉ religious practices .



RECHARGE your life with sights and sounds of the Temple of Good Will in the capital city of Brasilia.  Walk the inside the Temple; feel the energies of the quartz crystals.  Called the Pyramid of the Luminous Spirits, The Temple of Good Will is an interfaith center for love, understanding, meditation, religion and spirituality. The building in the form of a pyramid contains a Labyrinth walk-path and has a huge crystal on the top.



 Relax in the warm waters on the beaches of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.  Take a ride train ride to the world famous Cristo Redentor statute. Lunch in Ipanema.  Immerse yourself in the electrifying culture of music, Samba dancing, nightlife, jazz, entertainment, and great dining choices!


REKINDLE your adventuresome spirit along the tributaries of the Amazon River, and be amazed by the healing properties of the plants the Amazon Rainforest, and its diverse wildlife (wooly monkeys, Cayman, etc.).  Visit with the surui indigenous people of the Amazon as they share their customs, art, and ceremonial dances with us.

REPLENISH your body and soul in the healing energies of La Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiania with the world reknown Healer, John of God.  Called the Miracle Man, John of God, known for healings that cannot be explained by medical doctors, says “Only God heals” and uses him.

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Contact:  Jo Keita, Nubian Tours ,Inc, (310) 348-1260 x 1353, (323) 294-5331

SPONSORED BY: Agape University and Alice's Quiet Mind Bookstore, Rev. Cheryl J. Ward and Akili Beckwith, ALSP

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