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It is best to register Early to insure space in your chosen class. Classes are Subject to CANCELLATION Due to Low Enrollment. Please Check THE AGAPE UNIVERSITY-UTSLA WEBSITE BEFORE the First Class Meeting. 

Spring 2013 Science & Spirituality and Transformational Studies Courses

(F2) New Thought Ageless Wisdom Teachings and Practices (5-Week Course)

New Thought Ageless Wisdom Teachings and Practices that Work Now

Faculty: Ron Blair, ALSP
Course Description:
This class continues the exploration of Universal Principles as they relate to the Four Stages of the Evolution of Consciousness, and introduces Life Structures, the fundamental areas of growth and development that leverage energy to allow each individual to live a fuller, richer, more masterful life. As we balance our structures we can be tuned in and pay undistracted attention to the inner guidance of what is seeking to emerge through us. In this class we will discover our relationship to the entire cosmos, delve into the nature of Ultimate Reality and bask in the field of infinite possibilities. We learn how each of us, as individualized expressions of God, are more than our bodies, more than our egos, and more than the labels that have been placed upon us. We learn how to use our powers of awareness to release old patterns through forgiveness, and we set new intentions for our spiritual growth and unfoldment. We emerge as more powerful beings where more of God gets to express as us!
Mondays 10:00am–1:00pm  
Please Note Start Time
Evenings: Mondays 7pm-10pm
First class:  Apr 29, Last class: Jun 3; Location: Spirit of Wisdom
NOTE: Memorial Day Holiday, Monday May 27th, NO CLASS

Course Appreciation Price: $200 Early Bird Price, $235 Day of Class Price
Course Appreciation Includes: $25 Materials Fee (does not include books)
Prerequisites: None
Required Reading:  This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes; Forty Day Mind Fast Soul Feast by Michael Bernard Beckwith



(SP5) Visioning (8-Week Course)
Discover God’s Vision for Your Life
Rev. Coco Stewart
Course Description:
What is God’s Vision for your life? This class is designed to assist you in understanding the Visioning Process as developed by Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. You will learn the spiritual principles upon which the visioning process rests. You will also learn the difference between visualization and visioning and why visioning is far superior in living out your life purpose. In the former you access your imagination to bring into manifestation that which you desire. In visioning, you learn to tap into Cosmic Consciousness to discover God’s plan for your life.
Thursday 9:30am-12:30pm

Evenings: Thursday 7pm-10pm
First class:
Mar 28, Last class:
May 23; Location: Room 3  
NO CLASS Thursday April 26th, Revelations

Course Appreciation Price:
$250 Early Bird Price, $285 Day of Class Price
Course Appreciation Includes:
$25 Materials Fee

Required Reading: Life Visioning by Michael Bernard Beckwith


(TS035) Plenty to Spare and Plenty to Share (6-Week Course)
Creating A New Consciousness About Money, Prosperity and Abundance
Faculty:  Rev. Cheryl J. Ward and Rev. Rio Kelley
Course Description: Tired of feeling there is never enough?  Does the challenge of prosperity seem over-whelming?   If you deeply desire to live a more abundant prosperous life and want to come together with others to support this intention, then this class is for you!   It is a no-nonsense, practical hands-on class designed to cultivate the consciousness and feeling (vibrational frequency) that you have more than enough!  Working with the 2nd Stage of Consciousness-Universal Laws- we move through blocks, challenges into manifestation. Through the modalities of prayer, meditation and visioning, along with class experientials, the class becomes an intense laboratory for the spontaneous fulfillment of one’s desire to actually live a more prosperous life.  
Mornings: Thursdays 9:30am-12:30pm

Evenings: Thursdays 7pm-10pm;
First class: May 2; Last Class: Jun 6; Location: Spirit of Creativity
Course Appreciation Price: $175 Early Bird Price*, $210 Day of Class Price 
*Class Size is Limited, Please Register Early
Required Material:
Soul Currency by Ernest Chu; The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks; Natural Abundance Edited by Ruth L. Miller
Prerequisites: None 


(TS042) Balance Tai Qi Qong (4-Week Course)

Faculty: Dr. Marissa Pei

Course Description: Are you tired of being tired?  Is your past pain holding you back?  Is the critic in your head lying to you that somehow no matter what you do and how hard you try, you are not enough?...Then this 4-week class is for you.  Dr. Marissa Pei, will teach you how to use the Ancient Wisdom practice of Tai Chi and Qi Qong along with the New Thought principles taught at Agape to offer a Life Balance treatment to minimize stress and maximize joy in your life.  Using 18 forms, woven together into a moving meditation that heals all health vortexes, body mind spirit and soul, this practice, aka Chinese Yoga, is perfect for those who want a to exercise their bodies, stop holding their breath waiting for the next bad thing to happen, and release all of the mind tension that keeps us stiff and stuck in life. Allowing the power of Chi, Eternal Energy in Mandarin, to increase it's flow in and through us, this practice removes blocks and restores our powerful connection to a friendly Universe.  Forms like Polishing Table and Circle of Life, marry physical movement with the emotional release of all of the stagnant beliefs that stand in our own way.  We begin by identifying those beliefs, people places and things that are debris on the Table of our Lives and then learn how Polish the Table so that after practice, we begin to see the Reflection of what Buddah calls our Original Face...one that is Pure Beauty, Joy, Kindness, Creativity, Generosity, Harmony, Pure Love and Pure Peace.  No experience necessary, bring water and wear comfortable clothing.  
Evenings: Thursdays 7pm-10pm

First class: Mar 28, Last class: Apr 18; Location: Spirit of Abundance

Course Appreciation Price: $150 Early Bird Price, $185 Day of Class Price

Prerequisites: None

Required Reading: None


(TS045) The Forgiveness Blueprint: Healing the Wounds, Revealing YOU (5-Week Course)

Faculty:  Jari Pohankova, ALSP

Course Description: This healing class is built upon a foundation of energy medicine, quantum physics, the latest allopathic medicine research on forgiveness and the mysticism of A Course in Miracles.

This class provides students with real-life-tools for healing of our inner wounds, correcting our minds and mending the way we relate to one another. As we move through the most common challenges that students encounter on the healing journey (feelings of quilt/frustration, poor boundaries, unworthiness, spiritual bypass, overpowering emotional charge, preoccupation with the past, "not knowing of how to forgive"), individuals will be equipped with a variety of tools for releasing the underlying emotions that locks the mental patterns in place, increasing the sense of worthiness by releasing a distorted images of ourselves, strengthening the ability to receive forgiveness and also including 101 in healthy boundaries.

Students will develop an active practice of the following spiritual principles: God is One, Universe is Friendly and Innocence is Constant. Students will also learn and practice the "how to" of deleting the deep subconscious programs that have kept them stuck in the past and have been preventing them from moving forward.
Days Only:
Saturdays 10am-1:00pm;
Please Note Start Time

First Class: Mar 30; Last Class: May 4 Location: Spirit of Wisdom NOTE: Revelation April 27-NO CLASS

Course Appreciation Price: $200 Early Bird Price, $235 Day of Class Price

Course Appreciation Includes: $25 Materials Fee (does not include books)

Material: The 12 steps of forgiveness: A practical manual for moving
from fear to love
by Paul Ferrini







(TS052) Spiritualized Entertainment Law (5-Week Course)

Faculty: Akua Boyenne, ALSP

Course Description: This class will provide a powerful point of access for people in the entertainment business (i.e. actors, directors, writers, producers, composers, etc.) to spiritualize their careers. The emphasis will be on turning our attention away from the material world and truly experiencing ourselves as spiritual beings full of perfect ideas waiting for our unique expression. The emphasis is to realize that God is our source & supply; and consequently, abundance & fulfillment become a natural out-picturing of our lives. My vision is that people with business careers awaken to their true spiritual identity and practice spiritual principles even in the "business world."

Evenings: Tuesdays 7pm-10pm

First class: Apr 30, Last class: May 28; Location: Spirit of Wisdom

Course Appreciation Price: $200 Early Bird Price, $235 Day of Class Price

Prerequisites: None

Required Reading: Legal Secrets For Independent Filmmakers by Akua Boyenne, Esq.