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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner? What do they do?
An Agape Practitioner is a licensed professional spiritual counselor who has answered the call to put God first and foremost in his/her life.   We are the healing arm of the Agape International Spiritual Center. 
“The preparation of Professional Practitioners is a consciousness building process that includes specific studies that apply to and prepare the student for advanced participation in spiritual community.”  Agape Practitioners have successfully completed a rigorous course of advanced study which teaches the power of consciousness and a deep understanding of Universal Spiritual Principles which, when applied in earnest, can uplift, heal and provide comfort to those who come to them for prayer and spiritual counseling. An Agape Practitioner turns first to prayer and meditation as spiritual technology in healing and counseling others.  Agape Practitioners also teach, in classes as well as in private sessions with clients.  An Agape Practitioner holds the confidence of clients and students sacred and inviolate. In the law, a Practitioner is recognized as the first level of the clergy, and has privileges of non-disclosure of confidential communications made during counseling sessions, except when required by law.

2. How many years of Study does it take to qualify for Professional Practitioner studies? Can I take all of the classes together in one year?
It will take a minimum of two years (often more) to complete all of the prerequisite classes for Professional Practitioner Studies. We do not recommend that students speed through all of the required classes as the journey is meant to be one of growth not speed. These are mystical teachings embodied through practice.  Classes are transformational and unlike any academic pursuits you are likely to have xperienced.  All Professional Practitioner classes start in the Fall Term.

3. If I want to be an Agape Practitioner, what is the spiritual path I must take?
You begin with Foundational Classes in Science and Spirituality. While the classes are designed so that you may take the first nine in any order, it is recommended that your follow the order below.  It is particularly recommended that you begin with Universal Principlies, Themes and Laws Governing Spiritual Living – Foundations I. 

If you haven’t taken any of the classes, these are the prerequisite classes for Professional Practitioner Studies:
• Universal Principles, Themes and Laws Governing Spiritual Living-F1
• New Thought and Ancient Wisdom Teachings and Practices – F2
• Transcendent Masters (Formerly Roots) – F3
• Beginning Meditation – SP1
• Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness – SP2
• Prayer: A Way of Life – SP3
• Prayer as Expanded Awareness – SP4
• Visioning – SP5

• Plenty to Spare, Plenty to Share - TS035


All of the above are prerequisites for the following classes, however you may petition the instructor for earlier entry:
• Mysticism, the Practice and the Mystical I - PM1

• Self Awareness and the Evolving Consciousness - SM1A/B (BOTH A & B are Required for entry into Practitioner Studies)

The final class prior to entering Practitioner Studies is called Professional Practitioner Studies Preparation and is offered at no charge in September.



How do I apply for Professional Practitioner Studies?
• Be sure you have completed all of the prerequisite classes listed above. 

·        Plan to attend the Practitioner Previews on:

     Saturday, July 14, 2012         10:00am – 12:00 pm

     Saturday, July 21, 2012         10:00am – 12:00 pm

These sessions are designed to provide an overview of the Professional Practitioner Studies program, clarity about all that is necessary for entry and successful completion leading to licensing, and a deeper understanding of the Practitioner consciousness.  Please reserve your space by completing the Prac. Preview Reservation form (place hyperlink here).  Attendance at both sessions is required and reservations are necessary.  If you are unable to attend one of the sessions,  contact Charlotte Ciraulo, ALSP, Director of Practitioner Studies at Agape University via email at or at 310-348-1250 ext. 1415.

Practitioner Open House Preview Sessions are held at Agape.

Application packets for Fall 2012 Enrollment will be provided in the Professional Practitioner Preparation class.  A non-refundable application fee of $100 must accompany your Application. You will also be given two confidential recommendation forms to be completed by your Practitioner (someone you have seen for at least 3 sessions) and one of your facilitators from either Self-Awareness or Mysticism.  Because this journey leads to a professional license and a position of sacred trust, it is important to begin working with an Agape Licensed Practitioner on a regular basis prior to and during your studies.  The purpose of this is to experience firsthand the dynamic of spiritual counseling, to understand the work professional Practitioners do and to deepen your own consciousness.  We recommend that you begin working with an Agape Licensed Practitioner as soon as possible. The Deadline for Applications for the Fall 2012 Term is Sept 14, 2012

5. I took Foundations and Spiritual Practices before 2006. Would I have to take those classes again?  What’s different?
All of our classes and curricula including Professional Practitioner Studies were completely changed when Agape became an independent movement in 2005.  These classes are deeply experiential, dynamically interactive, and unlike any other academic pursuit you may have been exposed to.  In order to be prepared for Professional Practitioner Studies and the licensing process, you will need to have completed all of the new Science and Spirituality core classes.  For this reason, only classes completed since October of 2006 will be considered as completed prerequisites and it will be necessary to take all classes completed before that date again.  (See question 3 above.)

6. What classes under the new curriculum do I need to take to prepare for entry into Professional Practitioner Studies?
See question 3 above.

7. I took classes at another church or Center for Spiritual Living.   May I transfer those credits? 

Because our curriculum is not taught anywhere else, we are unable to accept credits from any other institution. 

8. Once I’ve taken the classes, can I automatically enroll in the Practitioner Classes?
Enrollment is not automatic. (See question 4 above.) In order to apply, you must attend the Practitioner Preview Sessions, complete an application, pay your non-refundable application fee of $100, and have your Practitioner and one of your facilitators from Self Awareness or Mysticism send us a completed confidential recommendation form.

9. I took Prac. I five years ago. Can I just enroll in Prac. II?
Because we have a totally new curriculum, you will need take Prac. I again to be on the same playing field as other students who are entering Prac I.  You’ll also need to schedule a meeting with Rev. Kathleen McNamara, Director of the Sacred Order of Agape Practitioners.

10. I have to travel a lot on business. Would that be a problem while I’m in Prac.?
Yes. You must be able to commit time and resources to your Practitioner studies.
Prac. I and II are both 30 weeks in length divided into three 10-week Terms.  In addition to classes, students are also required to serve in internships, one of which requires a commitment of 30 hours in the summer between years I and II.  There are also required Practicums and sometimes other workshops throughout the year which may be held on Saturdays.  Attendance at all classes is required.

11. How long does the licensing process take?
After you have successfully completed Professional Practitioner Studies, there are four components of the licensing process:
• Practical exam.
• Take-home process exam, which is to be completed over a period of two weeks
• An assessment of all of your work, service, and attendance over the course of the two years of study will be evaluated.
• Candidates for licensing appear before a Panel of Licensed Practitioners and Ministers for oral examination.
• Depending on the outcome of your completion of these five components, you may be placed in a License Review Process which will offer other areas of concentration in order to complete your licensing as an Agape Practitioner.

12. What authority is responsible for licensing Agape Practitioners?
Practitioners are licensed by the Agape International Spiritual Center, Inc.

13. My license has lapsed but I’d like to pick it up again. What do I need to do?
You will need to speak with the Director of the Sacred Order of Practitioners, Rev. Kathleen McNamara to find out what you need to do to get your license reinstated.

14. Is being a Practitioner a prerequisite for being a minister?
  Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions – Ministerial Studies on the UTSLA website.

For more information or questions, please contact:
Charlotte S. Ciraulo, ALSP
Director of Professional Practitioner Studies
and Curriculum Development
 310 348-1250 Extension 1415
310 258-5354 Direct Fax