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    “The world is preparing for a big change. Will you help?”
                                                    --Sri Aurobindo


Reverend Cheryl J. Ward          
Dean, University of Transformational Studies and Leadership

At the University of Transformational Studies and Leadership at Agape our classes are designed, not merely to inform, but to transform lives. As Spirit-beings, something within each of us yearns for a greater expression. It is an inner call that only we, each individually, can hear. It is a call of remembrance and a soul-longing for that which is true and unalterable to come forth as a living reality-- to come forth into greater expression. It is the Soul call to live life beyond a life of outer activities, plans, to-do lists, traffic, obligations, and responsibilities, etc. We believe that true transformation starts with the awareness of a deep desire or intention to grow, a recognition that there is more to life than our careers, professions, jobs, holiday shopping, getting things, surface activities, sports, accumulating wealth, and watching the seasons come and go.

Classes are designed to provide the student with life-altering, transforming experiences. While new information is part of the curriculum for each class, it not the ultimate goal or outcome to merely acquire information. New or additional information will be no more useful than if it were never received, if it is not used. If it does not lead to, or become a catalyst for, a transformed life, the information just sits in a memory somewhere.

Thus, classes at UTSLA will look different from most academic institutions. The curriculum will allow you to reach into your own expanded awareness and consciousness. You will not rely solely on your reasoning intellect, but you will engage your many other intelligence capacities—musical-rhythmic, intuitive, visual, spatial, inter-personal, kinesthetic, verbal, intrapersonal, etc. You will participate in transformational exercises and processes that take you beyond mere regurgitation of principles, laws and the world of cause and effect. You will be engaged in processes that assist you in discovering your inner world reality where you realize your Oneness with God. Bridges of separation and duality will be dissolved and let go. You will not have homework as it is traditionally known, but you will have growth-work.

The classroom becomes a means by which your consciousness is catapulted into it’s own evolution. A place where you begin to cultivate a greater awareness of Self, of the Changeless Reality. The course content is designed for you to become more keenly self-aware and self-observant. This awareness is the first step towards a transformed life. Choice to participate fully is the second step; and open-ness to change, to new ideas is the third step. If I had to say what the forth step would be, I’d say the willingness to go for it!

Classes assist students in understanding their Divine Appointment (Purpose) here on earth, their mystical connection to, and an integral part of, the larger field of cosmic and human evolution. Your transformation as a student can only come about by your willingness and receptivity to yield to the Divine Presence that created the class in which you now sit.

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