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Monie Ordonia ALSP   Monie is one of Agape’s Licensed Spiritual Practitioners, having graduated in 2005 and has been an artist all of her life. Drawing and painting since the age of 4, she has continued to excel in a very creative life.  Although she did not take an art class until her last quarter her senior year in high school, she received the Academic Excellence in Art award that year in 1980 at Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington.  Monie continued her adventure in art by gaining her degree in Commercial Art in 1984. 

It wasn’t until almost 20 years later in 2003 that she began a profound apprenticeship under her friend and mentor, Rassouli, who is the founder of Fusionart.  Monie assisted him as he taught Agape’s Painting with Spirit and Creativity on Canvas, as well as his Rumi Classes, and Monie was the Coordinator of many of Rassouli’s Painting retreats. Since then, Monie has come into her own as a successful inspirational artist.  She continues to exhibit in and beyond the Southern California area, and has established herself through many of her creative endeavors as “Ordonia Inspired Presence (, and was one of the primary core members of Fusionart International.  In 2007, Monie has taken over as Agape’s Creative Painting Facilitator as she taught the “Revealing the Creator Within”, “Surrender to Your Creative Power” class, and “Calligraphy (the art of Meditative Writing)”. She has also facilitated a powerful Creative workshop for Agape’s past Ministerial students.  Monie has also been the Creative Facilitator in Rev. Arlene Hylton-Campbell’s successful “I’m Keeping True” Whole Life Living Program for the last 4 years.  Monie assists participants in empowering themselves through the conscious act of Creativity.

 Monie has also co-facilitated a class in Calligraphy with Rev. Cheryl Ward and continues to assist other Facilitators in many classes throughout UTSLA’s curriculum.  As Agape’s resident deejay for many of their events throughout the year for the past 11 years, Monie continues to be a creative expression through Music.