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Rev. Greta SeshetaRev. Greta Sesheta is an ordained Minister at Agape International Spiritual Center. A popular pulpit speaker and faculty member at the Agape University of Transformational Studies and Leadership (UTSLA), Rev. Greta is active in the Agape Music and Arts Ministry and the Agape Community Relations Ministry. She is the author of the Agape eBulletin which reaches over 17,000 online subscribers.
The energy of the Divine Feminine is a powerful anchor for her work in the world. She was anointed with the name “Sesheta” in a Kemetic Study Group in honor of the ancient Egyptian goddess of writing and record keeping. Sesheta was the publicist for the 1998 launch of “A Season for NonViolence,” the 64-day international campaign that honored the work of Mahatma Gandhi and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and has produced the Soul Sisters Women’s Retreat since 1999.
An active member of the Agape community and the Agape International Choir since 1990 and an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner since 1993, she has facilitated breakout groups at Agape’s annual “Revelation” Conferences, led workshops and created sacred ceremonies and rites of passage for both individuals and organizations. Sesheta has a master’s degree in Fine Arts from UCLA and a master’s of Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute. She is former Assistant Dean of both Holmes Institute School of Consciousness Studies and of Agape Institute.
Ever enveloped in an atmosphere of prayful awareness, Sesheta is an open, receptive and available avenue for the energy of health, healing and wholeness. She often appears as an actress in film, television and national print media, and is the proud mother of three wonderful daughters and has one granddaughter.