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Living Food Ministry

Agape Living Food Ministry

Celebrate Life!

Welcome to the Agape Living Food Ministry, where we gather on the second Sunday of every month at 3:30pm to discuss and share insights on the benefits of eating Raw and Living Foods.

Meetings vary with each month and includes speakers with themed discussions, live food preparation, field trips, potlucks, visioning, and discussion.

Living Foods are prepared without cooking temperatures above 118 degrees and therefore still contain all of their enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Please note that this refers to raw, living, vegan foods such as sprouts, greens, vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. It does not refer to any animal or dairy products.

We welcome each and every person (irrespective of personal dietary lifestyles) and invite all to participate in the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional insights that arise at these inclusive and sacred gatherings.

Rev. Michael has stated, “"Reverence for the body temple as a vehicle of the Spirit that lives in, as, and through us is reflected through how we care for the body in terms of balanced nourishment from food....."

This is a regular monthly meeting to support and fellowship with like-minded individuals regarding natural living dietary concerns.

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