Conscious Community Gatherings Ministry

"Our intention is to create a sacred and safe space through intimate community gatherings. Anchored in unconditional love, we consciously and spiritually evolve as we awaken and deepen our awareness of God as us."

  • Meet once a month in your own community with congregants of like mind!
  • Meditation, prayer and fellowship for 1½ hours.
  • Led by Agape licensed Practitioners
  • Small intimate groups

Please note: All Agape Conscious Community Gatherings are located in Southern California, the majority in Los Angeles County. Please refer to the current list of gatherings, below to see if there is a Gathering in your neighborhood before completing the sign-up form. If no Gathering is available near you, you may periodically return to this page to recheck the PDF file to see if one has formed near you and if so, sign up at that time. In the meantime please return to the home page to learn about opportunities to participate in Agape’s online community, attend Agape services in person or via the live streaming option and other ways to connect with Agape.

Click here to see a current list of the gathering locations [PDF]

If you would like more information about the gatherings or this ministry, please call:

(310) 348-1260 x1560

or let us know the Neighborhood/Area where you would like to attend a Gathering by sending an email using the form below:

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