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One From the Heart

One From The Heart Ministry

One from the Heart is the Pastoral Care Ministry of the Agape International Spiritual Center.  Through our support teams we offer compassionate support to members, congregants and friends who are themselves—or have a loved one—experiencing illness, moving through the conscious living/conscious dying process, bereaved or experiencing a life crisis.  The bedrock of support offered by our ministry’s teams is a prayerful awareness of absolute wholeness and to see peace when a major life change makes life seem out of control. 


One From The Heart Support Teams:

  • Animal Kinship Support: This team offers spiritual and emotional support to individuals and their animals experiencing any form of challenge.  In addition, it hosts a monthly bereavement support group for those moving through loss of an animal companion.  This team may also be contacted  for basic animal resource information.

  • Bereavement Support Group: In a group setting, Bereavement Support compassionately reaches out to those who are moving through the grieving process due to the loss of a loved one whether in the recent or distant past.

  • Children’s Community Support: The Children’s Community team offers counseling and prayer to children of divorce or other crisis situations, as well as providing home/hospital visitation and grief support for those moving through personal loss of any kind.

  • Crisis Support: Our Crisis Support Team supports community members who are experiencing a crisis of any kind such as a loss of a job, a relationship, home, family member, bodily injury, etc. Upon hearing from you, a team member will contact you, pray with you, and support you through the crisis situation.  A no-fee walk-in clinic is also offered every Thursday from 5:00 – 8:00 pm on a first come, first served basis consisting of 20-30 minute practitioner sessions.

  • Grief Support: The Grief Support team offers spiritual, emotional and physical support to those who are experiencing the transition of a loved one.  Counseling, attendance at memorial services, as well as memorial service arrangements include the services offered.

  • Transition Support: Transition Support team members provide emotional and spiritual support for individuals, family members and friends moving through the conscious living/conscious dying process. 

  • Visitation Support: The Visitation Team reaches out to those who are ill and/or shut-in, visiting them to pray and offer emotional support both in private homes and hospitals.


    1. Crisis Support Clinic - Every Thursday (except holidays) 5:00pm - 8:00pm
    2. Animal Bereavement Support Group - Second Sunday each month, 2:30pm - 4:30pm
    3. Bereavement Support Group - Second Sunday each month, 2:30pm - 4:30pm

To inquire about serving on any of our ministry teams, or if you wish to receive any of our services, please call:

April Rivera
310-348-1260 x1281

Rev. Coco Stewart, Director
310-348-1260 x1280

or send an email using the form below: 

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